About NXSys.NET

We develop efficient and intelligent systems for governments or private institutions ensuring security is taken into consideration at all stages of the system development life cycle.
The following are services we provide:
  • Document Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Web Applications with e-commerce
  • Smart Card/Finger Print/Facial recognition applications
  • Intranet for businesses
We provide guidance on the installation of biometric systems and develop systems that will assist with enrollment and verification. Our smart card and finger print applications can also be used for employee attendance as well as provide improved security for doors with our smart card/finger print lock devices.
We also develop RFID systems for a wide variety of applications, which include the following.
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Parking management with gate control
  • Anti-Theft systems
  • Inventory Management
  • RFID ticketing systems
Our aim is to assist businesses with the management of risk with available resources ensuring that customer data including company's private information is protected at all levels.
All our systems mentioned above can be integrated or is interoperable so that information read by our RFID reader for instance, can also be available online if needed and instead of having separate cards for attendance and separate cards for doors, we streamline processes to ensure that all business functions require the use of just one card. This is achieved with NXSys even if the systems are separate.